Master Thatcher | Established 1978

Jem Raison is a member of the Master Thatchers Associaton of Gloucester, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and WorcestershireJem Raison uses only natural and sustainable products for thatching

Master Thatcher | Established 1978

Examples of Jem Raison's thatch craft in The Cotswolds

A Job Well Done

For thatchers, one of the pleasures of the job is doing it to a high standard. Jem and his team are always concerned to make sure the standards of the craft are maintained because he is keen to ensure that he does the best work possible. He hopes other thatchers will admire it!

Patience is a Skill

The real skill of thatching is maintaining a constant quality of reed-laying - in terms of the tightness of it, the density of the reed you put on - how neatly you lay the armfuls of reed, one against the other, and generally not cutting corners or rushing the job.

Lasts a Generation

The lifespan of a thatched roof can vary according to the kind of material used and whether the roof is south or north facing. South-facing roofs are more exposed to the sun, wind and rain and are likely to need repairing more often. But most thatched roofs are expected to last 25 to 30 years before they need serious attention.


We use combed wheat reed which is grown and produced for us by specialist farmers in the West Country.
This thatch is fixed using hazel spar pegs and willow.  We also use water reed, or as it is commonly known Norfolk reed, which grows naturally in many wetlands around the world.

Jem and some of the rooves he has thatched
Jem and some of the rooves he has thatched